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Directional Indicator

Measure the strength of directional market trends at the sector and aggregate level relative to historical levels.


Shifts in market dynamics such as pair-wise market correlations can significantly impact portfolio diversification and risk concentration. Meaningful correlation changes occur not only during times of market stress, but also idiosyncratically. While the careful selection of markets can yield a diverse portfolio, risk must also be continually evaluated to ensure diversification objectives are met. As market dynamics shift, active portfolio construction techniques can help maintain a balanced portfolio that does not exhibit concentrations of risk. Here, we show the cross correlations of 55 of the most liquid markets traded by Graham's strategies, using a short-term lookback period, exponentially weighted.

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The Graham Directional Indicator is a means of measuring the strength of market directionality. This metric quantifies the change in the price of an asset over a time period with the degree of daily price variability for a given market universe. When the Directional Indicator is high, there are strong directional trends, providing potential profit opportunities for directional strategies. These opportunities may exist both in times of market duress and during relatively "normal" market environments. Methodology Notes

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Directional Indicator as of

Historical Levels

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